February Announcements

February Announcments Studio will be closed during Guilford School’s Winter Break Winter break in Guilford is Monday and Tuesday, but I will be going away this weekend, so there will be no lessons on Saturday, February 14 or Monday, February 16. Who doesn’t have a Crescendo Music System T-Shirt? If I have your size in … Read more

Get Your Mouth Open!

Next to learning good intonation, I consider this is the number one thing that 99.99999% of beginning singers need to learn: get your mouth open! Dana Shelton calls it “Opera Open.” I love it! The issue is that beginning singers are just not USED to having their mouths open that big and wide – except … Read more

Christmas Recital 2012 Videos Are Posted

Hi Everyone! After much thrashing about, the videos from our Christmas Recital 2012 are posted on Crescendo Guilford’s You Tube Channel.  I even learned how to make a playlist.  Please let me know if any of you would prefer that I make the videos private.  I, of course, am very proud of all your performances … Read more