Enter the CML Vortex

The 7 Levels of CML

You have been invited to Enter the CML Vortex! This game was created to inspire everyone to make music lessons as successful as possible. By being a part of the Vortex, you will be making the most out of our instruction and your lesson payments. The CML Vortex requires family participation. Parents will earn 16th notes for completing steps which can be saved toward prizes to be determined soon (we’re open to suggestions: e.g., movie tickets, ice cream dates, manicures).

There are multiple game cards in the CML Vortex, and each card provides multiple ways to earn music money. Cards and activities can be completed in any order. Your teachers and staff will hand out gold stars weekly for each activity you complete.


  • My Music Staff is the music teaching software that manages our schedules, student accounts, billing and online resources. This Vortex game card will acclimate you with the website so you have control over your lesson schedule and access to music files and documents for practicing.
  • Email Melissa to obtain access to mymusicstaff.com.
  • Email the Secret Phrase found in the Online Resources tab to Melissa.


  • There are 6 items to set-up in your practice station.
  • Once your practice station is set-up, take a photo and email it to your instructor.


  • We use a lot of technology at CML so it is important to be familiar with some key websites and apps as well as have a well-organized practice device.
  • The CML Handbook for Beginning Students will link you to the websites and apps listed on this Vortex game card.
  • Show your instructor or email a screenshot of your practice device with the apps downloaded and URLs saved to the homescreen.


  • Practice diary: Keep a diary of your practice sessions in a notebook, bring it to lessons and share it with your teacher weekly.
  • Read about developing Rituals of Preparation on the Clef Notes Blog found on the CML website. Describe your ritual of preparation to your teacher in an email or at a lesson.
  • Enter your agreed upon daily practice time at the bottom of the card.


  • This Vortex game card is designed to engage our students with the music world.
  • Jot down the list of artists your child enjoys listening to as well as your list of 3 new artists on the back of your Vortex game card.
  • Be prepared to show your teacher your Spotify, YouTube or Apple playlist.


  • Ask for a set of Tiny Books to complete this game card.
  • These books are written for adults, but the drawing activities can be executed by all ages.
  • Some books can just be read outloud to your child and don’t include an activity, but be prepared to answer one question per book.

The 7 Levels of CML

(sixteen 16th notes = 1 whole note)
Groupies – starting level
Roadies – 1 whole note
Deck Captains – 4 whole notes
House Managers – 8 whole notes
Stage Managers – 12 whole notes
Sound Guys – 16 whole notes
Producers – 20 whole notes

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