Tenuto Practice

Level 1

Practice Constructing Notes on the G & F Clefs

The goal score is 15 out of 15 in under two minutes. 

You will need to know Scientific Pitch Notation before taking these tests. If you don’t know it, read the Tiny Book titled What Scientific Pitch Notation Is & Why It Is Useful.

It might take you a couple of tries to get used to the SPN. Remember, SPN changes octaves at the C’s and NOT the A’s.

Be patient with yourself, and just start over as many times as you need to get a perfect score.

Practice Identifying the Notes C, D, & E by Listening

Goal score is 100%. The purpose of the game is to correctly identify the “question” note by its relationship to the “reference” note. In this case, the reference note will always be C, and the question notes will only either be C, D, or E.

Heads-up! It will take a few tries to figure out how to play this game! Be patient with yourself. The tricky thing about this exercise is that the moment you press your answer to the first question, the new pitch will be given. If you miss it, you can always click “question note” again.

Start the test over as many times as you need to get a perfect score.

Tenuto Note Identification Screenshot

Keyboard Reverse Identification

The goal score is 20 out of 20 in under two minutes.