The Primer Level of Tiny Books must be read, and the Primer Level Tiny Books To Do List must be completed before students can begin working in the Core Curriculum. These books introduce the basic symbols and system of organizing notes on a staff.

This kit is necessary to complete the Primer Level Rudiments of Music course which can be taken in person at Crescendo Music Loft or online here as a correspondence course.

Primer Level Kit: Tiny Books of Musical Rudiments


The Primer Level Kit includes

Primer Level Tiny Book To Do List

Twelve Tiny Books:

  • Practice Singing the Music Alphabet in Three Different Ways
  • Boethius & His 14 Notes
  • Boethius & His Funky Friends
  • Guido Invents the Staff & The Beginnings of Solfege At the Same Time
  • How to Draw the G & F Clefs
  • How to Draw the Grand Staff & Name All the Lines & Spaces
  • How to Draw the Five Kinds of Notes on the Staff
  • How to Draw the Five Kinds of Rests
  • How to Draw Sharps on the Staff
  • How to Draw Flats on the Staff
  • How to Draw a Piano Keyboard
  • How to Get Faster at Naming the Notes on the G & F Clefs

A Small Notebook

This is a lovely MUJI Grid Notebook (not pictured) designed to fit in the front cover of your Starter Binder.

Staff Paper

3 pieces of 8-1/2″ x 11″, three-hole punched staff paper (designed to be used in Crescendo Music System’s Starter Binder)

Blank Paper

3 pieces of blank 8-1/2″ x 11″, three-hole punched paper (for drawing your piano keyboard)


Two very sharp Mitsubishi HB pencils with very good erasers necessary for crafting your Crescendo Music System Tool Kit