Crescendo Music System’s Level Two Online Course with the Tiny Books of Musical Rudiments is course designed to continue your studies in:

  • Reading music
  • Singing and/or playing simple melodies
  • Writing down melodies that you listen to using notation you learned in the Primer and Level One
  • Composing simple melodies
  • Singing and/or playing harmony

The course is designed to be completed within about ten weeks, but each student can work at his or her own pace.

You will also need to purchase the Leve Two Tiny Books and Core Curriculum

Crescendo Music System’s Level Two Online Course

$125.00 $99.00 / month

Here’s How It Works

  • You should already have completed the Primer Level and Level One of Musical Rudiments.
  • You’ll need to purchase the Level Two Tiny Books and Associated Core Curriculum.
  • Work through the first few Tiny Books using the online guide.
  • Throughout the course guide, you will be asked to either
    • upload a photo of your drawings
    • type your answer to a question
    • do exercises on that have been customized just for Crescendo Music System (there’s a beautiful app for phone and tablet that they put out for just $5 that we highly recommend)
    • record yourself singing or playing while sight reading some simple melodies on Sight Reading Factory (a one-year subscription for each student is included in the course fee)
    • upload recordings of yourself clapping rhythms while reading notation learned in the Tiny Books
    • listen to simple melodies and transcribe the notes on staff paper using notation learning in the Tiny Books
    • Watch online videos of instructor demonstrations for how to execute many of the exercises.

Throughout the ten weeks you will get:

  • Access to the instructor via email to ask questions
  • Weekly one-hour Zoom classes with other students to get demonstrations of all exercises and to get answers to any questions you have.
  • Feedback on all assignments submitted during the ten weeks.