Concepts in Harmony Level One


Before playing the songs on this playliist, print out their accompanying chart:

  1. You Never Can Tell in C Major
  2. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down in A Major
  3. Jambalaya in C Major
  4. Iko Iko in F Major
  5. Big Bad Handsome Man in Bb minor
  6. Tom Dooley in E Major
  7. Achy Breaky Heart in A Major

Play the song while reading the chart, listening for the chord changes.

Make note of the key, and play “Do” for that key on a keyboard somewhere (e.g. if the key is Bb Major then the Do is Bb). Note: If you don’t have a piano handy, here is an online keyboard you can use.

Sing the centering song (do, re, mi) in that key.

While the song is playing, follow along with the chart, singing “Do” when the chord is the same name as the key, and “Re” when the chord changes to the V.