Founder & Director, Sandy Connolly

Crescendo is the result of over 15 years of hard work, trial, and error, which are also core tenets of the system. We are heartened that our carefully honed approach parallels a growing body of scientific research and the findings of N.Y. Times best-selling author, Daniel Coyle, in his landmark book, The Talent Code – that talent isn’t born; it is grown. Our name Crescendo also reflects this, meaning growing.

Crescendo is designed to work in spartan settings. Rather than being about fancy studios, Crescendo’s essence lies in its multi-stage system of fundamentals, its dynamic student-instructor relationship, and its focus on intense practice – promoting self-discipline and the rewards of musical discovery.

The Crescendo perspective is that instructor and student roles are always active. By encouraging participating instructors both to perform, and to constantly explore new musical genres and horizons, Crescendo seeks to enrich their educational experience. These distinctions set Crescendo apart from other instructional approaches, often to profound results – furthering its founder’s vision and the passion she shares with every Crescendo instructor:  helping each student begin his or her unique musical journey.